Charities address important issues in the family, community and world. The Legacy Life Giving Program helps people make a big difference in the world today by turning small donations into big donations through life insurance policies. A life insurance policy can increase the value of your donation by many times. The Legacy Life program makes it easier for people to support their favorite charity for generations to come and to make the world a better place.

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Policy Type

How It Works

With Legacy Life Giving, the donor purchases a life insurance policy and their favorite charity is named as the owner and beneficiary of the policy. Different policy types and amounts are available to help match the amount a donor wants to contribute with the amount the charity will receive. Premiums are normally paid in one lump sum or spread out over five years and other payment options are available.



• Increases the money your charity receives by several times your donation
• Does not take away from the donor’s current estate or heirs' inheritance
• Donations are tax deductible, making giving easier
• Policies underwritten and guaranteed by highly-rated insurance carriers
Give now without disinheriting your heirs
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